adding colour to your bootup

i got a couple of computers at home that are for personal use. they arent part of my lab. they are used for browsing and such. this means i dont need to see all those messages scroll by. so i decided to add a little colour to the boot up process.

this ansible task is meant to be run on a fedora 26 or higher system.

adding a dashboard for vnstat

i have been using vnstat for years. even before i wrote this article on vnstat

recently i wanted to see graphs and charts of the collected data. and i found vnstat-dashboard


vnstat dashbaord


scroll bar arrow in konsole / kde f27

i am a kde guy. i always install fedora kde spin when i can. recently, the arrows on the scroll bars in konsole has disappeared and makes it difficult to scroll back accurately. so here is the solution to get the scroll bar arrow back for kde konsole

(note: side effects may include scroll bar arrows appearing in other applications)

how to install an application on fedora

there are several methods to install an application or program on fedora. i will be covering fedora 27 as that is the latest as the time of this writing. previous versions had different methods. if i recall correctly it used to be called "software center"

fedora 27 (kde) has the following 2 installed by default

  • dnfdragora
  • discover

of course we mustn't forget the command line or CLI

yum -y install $software

where software is the name of the application you want to install. most often it is in lower case

drush on a remote host

to the uninitiated drush is the drupal shell. it allows you to do stuff to your drupal site from the command line and it requires

  • ssh access on the remote host or server
  • drush to be installed on the remote host on server

i had loads of errors while setting up drush and the following code is a summary of what i had to do to fix everything to get drush to work remotely from my laptop

RHN satellite / spacewalk cheatsheet

RHN satellite is the downstream of spaclewalk and so this cheat sheet works for both RHN satellite and spacewalk

Check if a host is registered

ls -l /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid

Register a host

rhnreg_ks --activationkey=$RHN_activation_key

Verify RHN Registeration (check for your repos)


architecting your data center (version 2) - part 3 - spacewalk

it was a tough call to make: spacewalk or gitlab; eventually the thought of downloading loads of packages everytime i updated a vm won me over. there is another advantage to having your own spacewalk instance on site that i will talk about in a later article.

you may be wondering why i wanted to install gitlab. well, i want to document my notes in a wiki at the same time i wanted to have a common source code repository, not only for scripts but also for files like /etc/hosts. as i add more VMs i will be adding them to the hosts file.

architecting your data center (version 2) - part 2 - the vm template

welcome back, in this series of articles i am documenting my steps as i build out an infrastructure to support an openstack cloud.

previously, i set up a kvm server. in this article i will briefly describe the steps i took to configure a vm to be a template to clone from

howto: create your own speedtest site

surprise! you too can have your own speedtest site and you dont need much. its already out there. you can use it internally or externally. you can even connect it up to a database to remember past results. but the most important fact to me is that it is open source.

and it is available from here 

first of all, you need to install some dependencies

yum -y install httpd php perl perl-CGI perl-Time-HiRes


bareos/bacula and selinux

so i was experimenting with bareos aka the fork of bacula and i got this error message on the bareos-webui when i attempted to log in

Error: Permission denied, director seems to be down or blocking our request.

after a bit of experimenting, it turns out that the error was caused by selinux blocking access. this page is what gave me the insight and the command is

setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on


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