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how to: Installing ESXi 5.5 on less than 2GB RAM

you may know i am trying to set up an esx lab at home. i was trying to do it with nested virtualisation but it wasnt working out very well so instead i dig up an old hp 7800 desktop that i had and slid the cd in.

and it wanted 4gb or ram instead of the 2gb i had. so searching around on the internet tubes i found this article

but it didnt fit my scenario exactly so i had to edit his steps a bit

  • Boot the system from CD with the ESXi installer on it.
  • Once the installer welcome screen shows up, press alt+1 (or alt+f1) to go to the first console (login prompt)
  • Login as root, no password.
  • # cd /usr/lib/vmware/weasel/utils
  • There are a few files but the is of interest to us
  • Delete upgrade_precheck.pyc (compiled version)
  • Move to (because the file can not be edited due to some immortal flags and lack of tools to remove these flags)
  • # cp >
  • Edit and search for line that MEM_MIN_SIZE you will find (4 * 1024). Edit the number 4 to make it suitable for you. i changed it to 1
  • List all processes (ps -c | grep install) and kill the installer by pid
  • now in that console run the installer with /bin/install
  • Continue as normal

and the install has completed.


fyi my nested esx cluster was a success!

I was unable to access the console, literaly I've been spaming "ALT+1" and "ALT+2" during the whole proccess.

I own a machine with 2 gb of memory, the ESXI discovers only 1792MB so your solution would be great help.