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architecting your data center

so if you like me suddenly found yourself one day, about 7 years ago, given a brand new environment of 200 servers to install, configure and maintain by yourself, what are you going to do ?

anyways, what did i do? well i pulled out my redhat course books and decided on what i needed and the following is what i came up with. after i give you my list of 7 years ago, i will give you my thoughts of how i would do it today

  • dns server - bind
  • directory server - openldap
  • kickstart server - dhcp, tftp, http
  • monitoring - zenoss
  • alerting - smstools3
  • ticketing - mantisbt
  • documentation - dokuwiki
  • bash scripts - make reverse dns entry
  • remote logging - syslog

however, today i would do it slightly differently and more comprehensively

pls. let me know what you would do different by writing in the comments below