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centos spacewalk client checksum failure

You may know that i have been experimenting with spacewalk recently. And when you have a server you have a client. but before i get to the client, i suddenly noticed i was no longer populating errata into my centos channel.

the reason being that sometime around the beginning of the year, centos decided to avoid a hash collision by switching to sha256. so i switched the channel hash calculation to sha256 and once again, i was downloading errata.

then i came to do a yum update on the client and this is what i go:

Error: failed to retrieve repodata/primary.xml.gz from centos5-x86_64-updates
error was [Errno -3] Error performing checksum

the solution, which took quite a bit of time to find was actually quite simple: to install python-hashlib from epel repositories

rpm -Uvh


just so y'all know that was for centos5