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dynamic dns and ddclient

to access my home computers, i use dynamic dns or ddns for short. i have been using dynamic dns from before the days they were a commercial dns provider. then the started selling dns services and began limiting ddns hosts. then they made them a max of 3 and then a week ago, they cut off the legs on the free ddns service.

all this meant i had to find a new provider.i did. i found changeip. so i had to reconfigure my ddns client which is of course called ddclient. and i followed instructions here but wasnt able to get it working until i finally got the stanza right. it was missing the server line which supposedly is not needed.

so i am pasting the stanza here for anyone else who needs it

### ChangeIP (
### single host update
#protocol=changeip,      \
login=user,           \
password=password       \


i kept getting the following line

WARNING:  file /etc/ddclient.conf, line 202: Invalid Value for keyword 'protocol' = 'changeip

so i commented it out. works so far