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how to: create your own openstack spacewalk channel

there is nothing to it. just 2 simple commands

these 2 commands will first create the channel then inject the packages and their dependencies into the newly created channel. and the commands are ..

/usr/bin/spacewalk-common-channels -u $user -p $password -a x86_64 epel6 -k unlimited
/usr/bin/spacewalk-repo-sync --channel=epel6-centos6-x86_64 -i python-argparse -i python-migrate \
-i python-novaclient -i python-kombu -i python-boto -i python-iso8601 -i python-amqplib -i python-warlock \
-i python-httplib2 -i python-httplib2 -i python-anyjson -i python-prettytable -i python-quantumclient \
-i python-prettytable -i python-keystone* -i python-swift* -i python-cinder* -i python-quantum* \
-i python-nova*  -i python-cmd2 -i python-tablib -i libyaml -iopenstack* -inovnc -i pysendfile* -i Django14*\
 -ipython-django-* -ipysendfile*


i am now using this method as it is much easier