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how to set up a transmissionbt server

there are several way to download linux ISOs from the net. traditionally it has been through the http(s) protocol or the ftp protocol. but recently several linux distros have begun to use bit torrent protocol. bit torrent allows the end user aka bt client to download from several points at once in a multi threaded manner and therefore it is much faster. an example site is linuxtracker

transmission is a bittorrent client. but then it divides itself into 2,  an always up daemon/service and an interface or client to the transmission daemon.

you will need 2 boxes. one will be your transmission server and the other will be your transmission client. the nice thing is when you use the transmission client you can click on magnet links and it will upload the torren to the transmission server.

transmission server

on the server you will need the following packages

  • transmission-cli
  • transmission-daemon
  • transmission-common

once installed enable the daemon

chkconfig transmission-daemon on
service transmission-daemon start

thats it for the server :)

transmission client

on the transmission client, you will need the following packages. (i use KDE but for this i iwll use gtk)

  • transmission-remote-gtk
  • transmission-common

now open the transmission-remote-gtk application and configure it to connect to the remote transmission server.

  1. go to options/local
  2. click on the "New" button under profile 
  3. configure it to connect to your server.

thats the bare minimum needed :D

and thats it! :)

using transmission

we now have the transmission client and server installed. we can start using it

  • if you want to use the transmission web interface, go to http://<transmission_server_ip_OR_fqdn>:9091
  • go to the linuxtracker site and click on a torrent link. this will take you to a new page. on this new page search for the magnet link and click on that. 
  • transmission-remote-gtk will open up and show you the status of your bittorrent download on the remote transmission server

ta da!

edit: my client is fedora and my server aka daemon is centos

let us know in the comments section if you have found a better client server bittorrent application.