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How To Upgrade From Fedora 20 To Fedora 21 (Desktop & Server)

Fedora 21 has changed things around a bit. there are now personalities; server, workstation, cloud. we got to take this into consideration when we do the upgrade
the first step is to update your installation

yum -y update

next, install the fedora upgrader

yum -y install fedup

and then checking the usage we get

usage: fedup <SOURCE> [options]
fedup: error:

This installation of Fedora does not belong to a product, so you
must provide the --product=PRODUCTNAME option to specify what product
you want to upgrade to. PRODUCTNAME should be one of:

 workstation: the default Fedora experience for laptops and desktops,
   powered by GNOME.
 server: the default Fedora experience for servers
 cloud: a base image for use on public and private clouds
 nonproduct: choose this if none of the above apply; in particular,
   choose this if you are using an alternate-desktop spin of Fedora

Selecting a product will also install its standard package-set in
addition to upgrading the packages already on your system. If you
prefer to maintain your current set of packages, select 'nonproduct'.

See for more information.

so the command for workstation is

fedup --network 21 --product=workstation --reboot

and the command for server is

fedup --network 21 --product=server --reboot

NOTE: after the reboot, you must do a distro-sync

yum -y distro-sync --skip-broken