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how to watch streaming arabic tv

this how to is intended to get arabic channels set up on your tablet, pc, mac, apple tv. with it, you wont have to pay a monthly subscription to dish tv or whoever your subscription provider is

the number of available channels is quite large and it seems to have most if not all the channels available on nilesat and on arabsat. no promises though

how to install

installation is a 3 step process as outlined below

  • xbmc aka kodi

first of all install kodi the new name for xbmc from this link . select the appropriate download for your operating system. hint: its really nice to have it on your tablet

XBMC default homescreen

  • totalxbmc

next follow the instructions to install the totalxbmc repository at this link. a repository is a collection of software. an xbmc repository is a collection of add ons for xbmc. totalrepo xbmc is a repository that collects all addons from all available repositories and makes it available to xbmc in one move. no more hunting for your addon

  • shahid live

now that we have installed totalxbmc lets use it!

go to

programs > program add-ons > Total Installer > search by Addons/Author > arabic > Shahid Arabic

how to watch

now that everything is installed and setup, lets watch some arabic tv

go to

videos > video add-ons > shahid arabic > shahid live > all > select a channel > select a server

if the selected server doesnt work try another before giving up on that channel ;)

shahid live xbmc tv

how to save to "my channels"

long press on the channel then click on "add to my channels"

later you will find it under "my channels"


  • watch out for typos
  • you can also choose to "select default source" or server for the channel
  • this project is open source and the source code is available on github
  • it looks to me as though shahid updates itself everytime it is opened, if that assumption is correct then we should find any new channels and sources (aka servers) available immediately for us
  • of course, you need to be connected to the internet at all steps of this how to

thats it! let me know in the comments below if you find something better than shahid tv


also known as IPTV