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howto: automated oracle install

first of all, the end result is a script and your mileage may vary and no warranty exists that it wont break your system.

secondly, the script is meant only as a guideline even though it is a script. it works for me (tm)

finally, this will install the software without any database


in a previous article i created an oracle.repo file which was specially designed to allow us to use the oracle-validated rpm. i recently had to use it again and found that it was no longer suitable for use. i was trying to install it on to a rhel 5 system while oracle had configured it for oel system.

specifically, the version number of the kernel as well as the name of the kernel; kernel-uek was oracle specific. ( to see the change log use the --changelog parameter )

so i downloaded the source, made sure the package was licensed under the GPL, modified the spec file, did a rpmbuild then installed it. it worked. so i am attached the SRPM as well as the x86_64 version of the rpm to this article.

next, i worked out how to use the oracle installer's silent install feature and used that.

now, i should also warn you that i wrote this script for ORACLE 11G R2 and this was not tested on any other release. again, this was on RHEL 5 system.

the script will also configure oracle to autostart with the system _IF_ you have a database enabled to start with the system in /etc/oratab. i also fixed the dbstart file. the fix will only be implemented if it is found to be needed.

if you find something in the script that needs to be added/modified/deleted let me know.