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howto disable akonadi and nepomuk for users on a system

last week, the family pc had its memory decreased as i decided i needed the ram elsewhere. what happened was entirely unexpected. just a single user on system would make the system crawl and unexplained disk i/o occurred. so i did a little research and if you reached here too, you probably did a little reasearch on your own.

what i came up with is a little script to disable akonadi and nepomuk for all users on the system. the caveat here is the user must previously have logged on. that is because the config file resides in the user's home directory. and the mysql server that is running is running in a siloed user space too.

and without further ado i give you the script:

for user in `ls /home`
        echo "INFO: Disabling Nepomuk file indexing for $user"
        sed -i 's/Start Nepomuk=true/Start Nepomuk=false/g' /home/$user/.kde/share/config/nepomukserverrc
        echo "INFO: Disabling Akonadi file indexing for $user"
        sed -i 's/StartServer=true/StartServer=false/g' /home/$user/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc


i am very happy to report that performance has increase 2 or 3 fold. i guess it makes a difference when you remove 3 or more instances of mysql running per user

just make sure you arent using kmail. kmail will not work without akonadi. period.

sigh same goes for amarok