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howto: run webex on fedora linux

so, here i am and i need webex on fedora linux today. i did a little research and found how to run webex on fedora AND it is tested and the original article is from over here and it is basically 2 commands. Note we _REALLY_ do want to install the 32 bit version of the rpms as webex is a 32 bit application

yum -y install icedtea-web java-1.8.0-openjdk pangox-compat.i686 libXmu.i686 libgcj.i686 mesa-libEGL.i686 gtk2.i686 libpng2.i686

and of course, we got to set the selinux permissions to allow the webex java plugin to work

setsebool -P unconfined_mozilla_plugin_transition=off mmap_low_allowed=on

and there you have it!

note that you may not be able to use the camera or some other webex components but i need and therefore tested desktop and application sharing and it worked

ps. yum will report missing packages, i didnt notice till later they were unavailable. but the good news is they didnt matter. i am therefore keeping them in the article in case it can help someone else.

if this article helped you out, let me know in the comments below