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howto: satellite configuration and channel population

this how to is intended to configure spacewalk, the rhn satellite's upstream project as well as to create channels and populate it. the end result is a spacewalk server with channels that is intended to use internally as the password and channel keys are very lax.step 1 starts after you have installed spacewalk. instructions are here.

also, i have uploaded my scripts and configuration to github . i normally put them all in /root/bin and then initiate the necessary scripts from within that directory

spacewalk-setup --disconnected --answer-file=file.answer

the answer file is provided on github.

the next step is to create and populate the satellite channels. first run could take several hours and it is best to run the script within a screen session. i like to run it like so

/root/bin/ > /var/log/populate.log 2>&1

i have also put the same line in to crontab and have it running daily. i have also got a script i use on already provisioned servers to turn them into spacewalk clients. it is also on github and it is

*edit 20130117 will also download errata so you may use it with security plugin for yum.

so what i have done is to set up a cronjob daily to run to create the channels (and fail on that step because the channels already exist), sync the channels, then add the errata. daily. it takes about 2 hours for my instance.