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kde sound volume too low?

i use kde almost exclusively on my personal laptop. the other gui being the cli. but when i watch a movie or a flash video the volume is kind of low.

i am not going into the reasons for the sound volume in kde is low but suffice it to say that one of the reasons given was that above 100% sound distortions may kick in.

SO! here are a couple of things to note

a) 100% is not the max volume

b) you can't increase the volume past 100% via the kde sound applet

whats the solution? well

sudo yum -y install pavucontrol; pavucontrol #this is a per user setting

next, fiddle around with the playback options over there. that means make sure the volume is above 100%. don't raise it to the max, its not good for your speakers and DEFINITELY not good for your _ears_

and finally, play your movie or flash video and check the kde sound applet for the correct volume