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linux based network troubleshooting tools

so you need to trouble shoot some network issues on your linux box. i have listed some tools, a good starter list of the more famous tools. most but not all may also be used to configure settings. in this article we are identifying troubleshooting tools

ifconfig while it has many functions, the best one is to identify the ip on your nic (or even if it has one)
ip this is the replacement for ifconfig.
ping ping is everyone's favourite tools. it should be the first on your list. with it you can ping your gateway or other device on your network. of course you can also ping devices outside of your network too
traceroute this program will ping every device between you and your target. it will tell you how many "hops" or device it went thru and how much time it spent getting to each device. this tool is useful to identify which device on the route to your target is giving your problems
ethtool use this query the network card's drive and hardware settings. this one is especially useful to identify if the phsical cable or switch port is having problems
route print out the route information on your device.
dig use this to query the dns. identify your MX (mail) record and so on.
nslookup this is also used to query your dns, it is however, not as detailed as dig
netstat  multi purpose tool. can show route or which services are running via ports or sockets
host  a one line version of dig or nslookup.
arp  shows the arp table which is basically a liat of mac address that your device has recently interacted with
hostname  use this to verify which device you are working on. no really. no kidding
system-config-network this tool will reconfigure your network settings and you can also reconfigure the hostname