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multiuser screen aka sharing screen

screen is a screen manager. in years past if you had a long running job and it ws time for you to go home, you would start the job then throw it into the background and monitor the job via ps or log output or however you set up your job.

then came along screen

if you started a long running job at work and had to go home, you could resume your session and provide input to prompts if the job requested it. the other advantage of running a remote task or job in screen, is if your ISP suddenly decided to drop your connection, the job or task would continue uninterrupted

then i found this link which course instructors or helpdesk support engineers can use to troubleshoot by sharing the screen

to start using multiuser screen is just like any normal session. but we do want to name it something unique like "session1"

screen -S session1

then we go to command mode with "ctrl-a" - just those 2 keys at the same time (as though you were trying to do a capital A but instead of shift, use the ctrl key)

then input

:multiuser on

and finally give access to the user who will share your screen by again going to command mode and inputing

:acladd user

now the 2nd user can share the screen by typing

screen -x user/session1