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using the OSI model to troubleshoot network issues

so i was doing some research on troubleshooting network issues and found this article that explains how to use the OSI model (the 7 layer network model) to troubleshoot network issues.

what i really liked about it was the direct questions you can ask that get straight to the point. I am putting them here, and the scenario was for a user unable to open a graphic on the internet:

  • Is your network cable plugged in? (physical)

  • Is there a link light on the Ethernet switch and Ethernet NIC? (data-link)

  • Do you have an IP address? (network)

  • Can you ping your default gateway? (network, testing LAN IP connectivity)

  • Do you have DNS server information?

  • Can you ping your DNS server? (network, testing IP connectivity)

  • Do you have a firewall configured? (network on up to application)

  • Can you ping the host you are trying to get to by name? (application, DNS and network WAN IP connectivity)

  • What format is the graphic in? Do you have a viewer for that format? (presentation)

  • Can your web browser open up another website? (basic application troubleshooting)