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skype.repo for fedora's yum

one of the beautiful features about linux is its capability to have software repositories. and that is in the plural and includes official and non-official repositories which may include 3rd party software. these can also include free commercial software as well as FLOSS software. this article has the skype.repo attached for immediate use

on a side note, i was trying to explain to a windows user yesterday what was a repo because no matter how much he read, he couldnt get his head around it. i finally gave him the example of Google Pack as the closest thing to an online software repository in windows.

and now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast, i aim to post repo files for skype, rpmfusion, adobe as well as for google. some might say there are more public repos out there than those 4. and i agree whole heartedly, but this is where experience comes in. NEVER EVER mix your repos. what does that mean? well, there is an unofficial repo for bleeding-edge kde available for fedora. however, if you were to use that repo you might end up with a system that never updates correctly or have clashing dependencies. that is worse than dependency hell.

so, without further ado, since the skype.repo file is attached to this post. the system administrator will merely drop this file into the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory and the next time round yum will automatically search through the skype repo


while i am honoured this article is still being read, i have to be honest and inform my gentle reader the repo is empty even though it is working. all new rpms are placed on this page. at the time of this writing it was version 4.0.8