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permanently, and i do mean permanently, remove PackageKit

in a previous article, i wrote about how to disable PackageKit permanently. unfortunately, that turned out to be a per user preference and not a system-wide setting.

so, this time round, i decided to stop it once and for all. i was advised in #fedora on to remove PackageKit.
the command is:
    yum erase PackageKit

this will tell you the following dependencies will also be removed:

  1. PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin
  2. gnome-packagekit
  3. PackageKit-yum-plugin
  4. PackageKit-yum
  5. PackageKit
  6. PackageKit-udev-helper
  7. PackageKit-glib

since, they are all PackageKit related packages, i hit the "y" key and let it rip.

i m sure, this is rather drastic action, but i had gotten irritated by it popping up when my wife or son logged on. and they dont have root password. so why would they be interested in updates? anyways, there must be another method of disabling PackageKit. maybe through the PackageKit-yum-plugin. in any case, its moot. i m going to implement this solution on my laptop and workpc and add it to my post-installation script.


sadly the above resolution is no longer true for fedora 15. see this bugzilla entry

i have found a way and written an new article here