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getting windows mobile 6 working with fedora 11

in previous articles i wrote about how to get your winCE phone to work with fedora 10 and fedora 8. this time round i will write about fedora 11

on fedora 11 the synce suite of programs has been upgraded to version 0.14 which is a good thing as it no longer needs odccm and instead uses hal to mange devices. i suggest though, that you erase all synce programs and begin the process from scratch. note that the objective is to use synce-kpm

There are 2 parts to this, your linux box side and your WinCE pda side. On your linux box side you need to do the following as root (  su - )

A. install the software
yum -y install synce-kpm synce-sync-engine libsynce synce-hal librapi python-setuptools

B. Disable firewall until you have a succesful connection with your WinCE phone
  /etc/init.d/iptables stop

Once those 2 steps are done, exit root to return to your normal user and then
C. Start the sync-engine

Thats all for the linux side. Next on your WinCE phone go to
  Start -> Settings -> Connections -> USB to PC and unchecked "Enable advanced network functionality"

and now the creme-de-la-creme! as your normal user on your linux box
D. start the GUI


and thats it

note that in a previous article i wrote about ~/.synce/config.xml, i must be honest and inform you that i was not able to sync without my old ~/.synce directory and have not begun my tests with regards to that directory. hopefully,soon, i will write an article or an update to this article regarding it.

sigh, another note, this is regarding the operating system name. it used to be called windows CE (compact edition or something) then the name was changed from wince to windows mobile then quite recently it was renamed again to windows phone. i think they wanted to say this phone cant have anything except wince on it. no android etc.