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Current Level 3 Manager

The Current Level 3 Manager is a shell script that helps the system administrator to set up current and manage it.

But what is current? current is an up2date rhn server clone. so with currentl3 it will set up the database, the ssl certificate, install dependencies, and configure clients to use the current server.

It uses a text based user interface to simplify administration.

The functions it covers are:

  1. current setup and configuration,
  2. client setup and configuration and
  3. management of your current server after it has been configured.

That's it. Pretty simple eh?

On a different note, current may no longer be needed. This article mentions that up2date will be depreciated in favour of yum.


if you are reading this then you need to know current is no longer active and has not been for YEARS. instead the rhn code has been opensourced as spacewalk and is availalbe at

you can also find articles on spacewalk on this site. notably howto: satellite configuration and channel population