architecting your data center (version 2) - part 1 - the kvm server

this is the 2nd part of series i am writing about architecting your data center (version 2)

so after a bit of experimentation, i have come to the conclusion that the first step is NOT to setup the rdo-manager's undercloud but in fact to
set up a KVM host. the logic being with a kvm host i can set up a VM for the rdo-manager's undercloud, take snapshots and restore to a previous snapshot if a mistake or 2 is made.

script to identify a cpu's virtualisation capabilities

a while ago i wrote a post called how to setup a nested esx lab at home i wrote a script for that to help me identify if my cpu supported virtualisation and if it did whether it also supported _nested_ virtualisation i then put it up on github over here

architecting your data center (version 2)

sometime around 2007 or 2008 i suddenly had about 200 physical servers dumped in my lap and i had to come up with a complete software infrastructure for these servers. i had to design, implement and maintain them by myself with minimal aid from others.

in this article i wrote down the applications i used back then.

how to upgrade from fedora 22 to f23

well its that time of year again. upgrade time. some ppl look forward to it and some dread it.

if you are of the first group then welcome!.

this is how you upgrade your fedora 22 system to fedora 23now the definitive guide to upgrading your system is over here

create repo release rpm

this post is merely a post it note to be used as a reminder and to list the links to a site that walks through writing and creating an rpm of your repo file.

disable application preview in the kde task bar

this one was bugging me for quite a while. i searched for it in my kde system settings / control panel and couldnt find it. i finally decided to move myself and research a bit and voila! it is solved!first of all, what am i talking about? its when you hover your mouse cursor over the application's name in the task bar. when you do that you get a live preview of the application. and when i say live, i do mean live, if you are watching a video or an animation, the preview will update in real time.

it will also take a few seconds to close once you move your mouse cursor away.

network manager - script to disable wifi when using ethernet

i have a docking station for my laptop. so i dont always use wifi. i have also configured static ip addresses for both wifi and cable connections. the same ip address for both.

so i sat down and wrote a script to be run by crontab every minute that would check to see whether i was on the ethernet cable or using the wifi connection. and it would disable the other. i have commented out info messages as i use it from crontab very succesfully. also this script can be run as a normal user.

ssh multi hop tunnel script

i found this script on the net that will help you set up an ssh tunnel with (theoretically) "n" hops in the middle.and this too

how to enable root login on centos cloud images

i have been experimenting with ansible lately, and ansible uses ssh to run things as root. but the centos cloud images are set up in such a manner that you need to first logon as centos then sudo into root. not optimal for me. my private cloud's instances all have a single user called root. so i needed to reverse whatever the centos group did to lock my root user out

its actually a two step process

the first is to enable root logins via ssh


MBTI is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

I was taken aback today when I was told a company uses MBTI actively to the extent that it is on the board in the workplace. I took the MBTI about 15 years ago and was told a company cannot ask me to take it.

So that meant I had to some research on that fact and .. maybe you'd better click and read these first few articles on Google.


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