howto: setup a tethered router network aka internet connection for laptop via pc via android phone

it came to pass on one cold, snowy night that internet access from only one compute was no longer sufficient. i needed to put my old laptop on the internet too. however, my internet source was my t-mobile android phone. yes, i tether my pc or laptop to get on the internet. this brings up an interesting scenario because the android phone's usb cable has to go into a usb port, either on the laptop or the pc.

so there are 3 devices in this network

howto: fix superblock last mount time error

sometime during the middle of the night, the electricity cut out. thats normally not a problem, but this time it was because apparently my cmos battery died. so all my bios settings died and some other items that depend on the cmos battery.

anyways i sat down and reconfigured my bios as much as i remembered (does anybody document changes to the bios?!) then started up my pc, assuming all was well.

actually, no i got this message which i noted down

howto: dansguardian for fedora

for a while now, i have been looking for a content filtering system for my own personal use. i did a little bit of research and i came up with dansguardian + squid. the original documentation is from James Japan's site l the documentation as is works great. great for a standalone pc. which was my original requirement.

howto: configure smstools on fedora

smstools3 is a command line tool to send sms via your gsm modem. version3 has a new maintainer keke who i must say is very helpful. and over the weekend helped me get smstools to send messages.

howto: install openfire server and sparkweb client

openfire is an xmpp server sometimes called a jabber server. xmpp is the protocol behind gtalk. openfire is supposedly the best open source implementation of xmpp. that saying a lot coz i havent heard of a commercial version of an xmpp server yet.

while we will be using the sparkweb client to connect to the xmpp server, any client will do: miranda or pidgin or whatever else supports it.

howto: recover from an ext4 filesystem corruption

a while back i did something i am not proud of. my laptop was in a hibernation stage and i was in a rush to get it up and running. so instead of waiting for it to complete the resume, i hit the power button to get it to boot immediately.

did i say i was in a rush? well i found out that i corrupted the superblock. and here follows the steps (from memory) i used to recover: 

howto: fixing php 5.3 timezone error

i upgraded my fedora boxes to php 5.3 and i started seeing these errors:

speaking through my (red)hat

oooh baby baby i love you so

and yes, my best buddy has promised me the red hat in memory of me getting the RHCE certification

ssh passwordless login v2

as time goes on, we learn new ways of doing old things. in this particular instance, the old way was documented here as ssh user equivalence . its a good thing to learn new ways, because this time, i found an easier way, a faster way and a shorter way. plus it can be scripted even.

so here it is 

ssh-keygen -t dsa -P ”” -f /home/$USER/.ssh/id_dsa
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ HOSTNAME

howto: install skype on fedora linux

i tried installing skype again yesterday. is been a long time since i last used it and installation was a trial and error process so i decided to write down how i did it.

i began by using the skype.repo i had previously written about

next, i did a 

sudo yum -y install skype 

but that wasnt enough. here is where the trial and error process began. and the short version is 


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