howto: install openfire server and sparkweb client

openfire is an xmpp server sometimes called a jabber server. xmpp is the protocol behind gtalk. openfire is supposedly the best open source implementation of xmpp. that saying a lot coz i havent heard of a commercial version of an xmpp server yet.

while we will be using the sparkweb client to connect to the xmpp server, any client will do: miranda or pidgin or whatever else supports it.

howto: recover from an ext4 filesystem corruption

a while back i did something i am not proud of. my laptop was in a hibernation stage and i was in a rush to get it up and running. so instead of waiting for it to complete the resume, i hit the power button to get it to boot immediately.

did i say i was in a rush? well i found out that i corrupted the superblock. and here follows the steps (from memory) i used to recover: 

howto: fixing php 5.3 timezone error

i upgraded my fedora boxes to php 5.3 and i started seeing these errors:

speaking through my (red)hat

oooh baby baby i love you so

and yes, my best buddy has promised me the red hat in memory of me getting the RHCE certification

ssh passwordless login v2

as time goes on, we learn new ways of doing old things. in this particular instance, the old way was documented here as ssh user equivalence . its a good thing to learn new ways, because this time, i found an easier way, a faster way and a shorter way. plus it can be scripted even.

so here it is 

ssh-keygen -t dsa -P ”” -f /home/$USER/.ssh/id_dsa
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ HOSTNAME

howto: install skype on fedora linux

i tried installing skype again yesterday. is been a long time since i last used it and installation was a trial and error process so i decided to write down how i did it.

i began by using the skype.repo i had previously written about

next, i did a 

sudo yum -y install skype 

but that wasnt enough. here is where the trial and error process began. and the short version is 

howto: install jpgraph on fedora linux

today, i needed to install jpgraph on the mantis server. i had enabled the graphical plugin but it needed jpgraph to get the fonts working properly and to draw the charts.

so, i am documenting this for anyone out there who has the same need

the steps are 

download the package from jpgraph

next  uncompress the package. if you had downloaded the bz2 file the parameters are


the year of the linux desktop

its february 25th, 2010. i am writing this little opinion piece as a response to all those other opinion pieces that say _THIS_ year is the year of the linux deskop. yes, it is a common theme for writers every new year. its sort of like, back in school, every new school year, our english teacher would ask us to write an essay on what we did during our summer holidays.

howto: fix "X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication."

recently i had an issue whereby i had previously logged into a machine and ran an app but after a reboot the app wouldn't work again. it kept giving me the following error message:

X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.

so i did some research and came up with this site. 


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