Remi Collet has a repo. this is a different kind of repo as remi is an official packager for fedora and his repo has his test packages that eventually gets into fedora's official repo when they get approved. so he has test packages for php, firefox, mysql among others. this repo is also unique coz its the only repo i found that has tora and mysql-workbench

so when using this repo, the user has 2 choices:

howto: disabling NetworkManager

when a default installation of fedora is complete, the user will discover that an assumption was made: the user wants to use NetworkManager to manage his network settings.

of course, this isnt necessarily true. so how to go about fixing it?

well, you first set up your network via


when that opens up, set your static (or dhcp) ip by clicking on the interface you wish to configure then click on the "edit" button. 

disable the "controlled by NetworkManager" checkbox and

howto: loading and unloading linux kernel modules

hokay dokay. i have been given a sony vaio z720d (which doesnt suck any more) by my corporate overlords. i have begun using it extensively for virtualisation via kvm. but recently its begun to act weird.

on booting up my kvm guests, i sometimes find the guest to be slow. running this command

howto: local media repo

recently, i had to install some software from the install media coz the machine i was on had no access to the internet. after one attempt at trying to find all the dependencies and installing all the packages via rpm, i dediced to find out how to use the install repo after install.

what i came up with was this:

howto: configure hp laserjet P1005 on fedora 12

i bought myself a brand new sparkling hp laserjet p1005 today. i was seriously happy when i ran system-config-printer right after i plugged it in and found it listed. but then it wouldnt print.

/var/log/cups/error_log stated  printer-state-reasons=hplip.plugin-error,paused . which meant the printer wasnt working. so i did some research on google and almost all of the results were ubuntu and if i filtered out ubuntu in favour of fedora the results was null.

howto: install tora on fedora 12

tora is the "Toolkit for Oracle" and was originally written by the developer of Toad. it is now very much a community driven software project. installing it is no longer the challenge it used to be. Tora is backward compatible from Oracle 11g to oracle 9 due to using the oracle instant client for 11g

i am writing up this article for 2 reasons


and another repo has surfaced! this time though its for an application called zenoss. zenoss is an open source network monitoring and alerting soluting

the repo is installed via a very convenient rpm file from here


what do you know? it turns out that my article on google.repo is not the last of the series. i discovered another wonderful repo. this time its for VirtualBox the open source virtualisation solution that sun open sourced some time before the buy out by oracle. at the time of this writing, 3.1 was just released.

so where is the repo? right here!

how to disable kwallet permanently

what is kwallet's purpose in life? well honesltly, its supposed to make YOUR life easier by remembering all your passwords. all you have to remember is one password to kwallet. and kwallet will remember all your other passwords AND autofill them in for all your kde programs and sites you visit in konqueror. but what if you don't want to use kwallet?

getting windows mobile 6 working with fedora 11

in previous articles i wrote about how to get your winCE phone to work with fedora 10 and fedora 8. this time round i will write about fedora 11


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