yum logs

When I did a fresh install of fc10, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that as a user I was able to view /var/log/yum.log. However, after the new year, this "right" disappeared. Digging deeper, I discovered that logrotated was configured to rotate the yum logs on a yearly basis and change the permissions.

The fix for this little problem is to edit as root /etc/logrotate.d/yum and on line 6 to change the permissions from 0600 to 0644

using qtnx client with freenx server

freenx is the gpl version of NoMachine's NX server. those guys have somehow managed to get the X protocol compressed and tunnelled via ssh.

when using the nx protocol you have 2 choices. use nomachine's packages or use the gpl packages. i decided to use the gpl version. the client I tested my connectivity with was the nomachine version though.

installing on fedora10 is pretty straight forward. note, however, i was using the 64bit packages

first of all the server side

Customising the KDE Konsole

So KDE 4 came out and with it a new version of Konsole. I dont really like it. It feels to me like a stripped down version of Konsole. I am sure some people out there agree with me. However, with time and some exploration, I have managed to make it somewhat similiar to what I had on KDE 3.5.

So, here are some tips and tricks to customising Konsole 2.1 on KDE 4.

All the following tips and tricks take place at Konsole/Settings/Manage Profiles/

For the following <select a profile>/Edit Profile :

ImportError: No module named pkg_resources

i just installed fedora10 on another box and decided i wanted to sync my Windows Mobile to it. so i installed synce-kpm and its dependencies or so i thought.
When i first ran it, i got this error at the very end:

ImportError: No module named pkg_resources

the solution apparently, is a missing dependency for the package called python-setuptools

preupgrading to fedora10

the word is out CAMBRIDGE is out. and this is how you use preupgrade to upgrade to fedora 10.

   yum -y update

wget  http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/releases.txt

mv  releases.txt /usr/share/preupgrade/releases.list


configuring pidgin to communicate with gtalk behind the firewall

the firewall dudes closed off meebo and now i dont have access to gtalk or msn .. or do i?

a quick search on google led me to this wonderful article:Pidgin and Gtalk behind a firewall

Using KDM as a desktop manager

ok so i reinstalled fedora9 and everything was cool but then i wanted to install lotus notes 8 and while doing so i installed gnome and gnome uses gdm. using gdm doesnt allow for on the fly user switching or so i believe. which means i had to go back to kdm.

i found the solution here, which also provides a sample of /etc/sysconfig/desktop

Lotus Notes 8 on Fedora - redux

it came about that i had to reinstall fedora9 on my workpc.

this meant that my workpc record of upgrading from fedora core 6 to fedora7 to fedora8 and finally to fedora9 was shot. this also meant i had to reinstall lotus notes 8 again.

but setup.sh dint want to run giving me backtrace errors. analysing the problem, i felt it came down to 2 major problems:

your own world clock display

in a previous article ( world time from the command line ) i talked about how to change your timezone harmlessly and get the time. this however, is something even funkier. make your own world clock collection ;)

TZ=':Australia/Sydney' xclock -title "Sydney" -geometry 227x31+550+643 -digital -chime -update 1 &

and now that you know this little trick, you can make it for any city in the world like Kuala Lumpur or Dakar or Aswan and with the diligent use of xwininfo and little vi you can spread them on your desktop at the press of a button.

lotus notes 8 on opensuse 10.2 64bit

in a previous post http://posix.in-egypt.net/node/40 i wrote about how to get notes working on fedora. well, due to upper management decision regarding our servers using SLES i decided to migrate my laptop to opensuse.

and now i had to install lotus notes 8 on opensuse.


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