Google Summer of Code 2007 Launched

Well now. Google has launched it 3rd Summer of Code (Soc) event. For those of you who don't know what SoC is about, read on.

SoC is where Google sponsors coders who meet these 2 criteria:

a) a student

b) over 18 years old

to work on OPEN SOURCE projects who have volunteered to mentor these students. These participating organisations will provide a mentor to each student to work on an idea. The idea itself could be from the student or from the TODO list from that project.

make reverse zone shell script

i have an internal dns for my vlan at work. its a caching server as well as a resolving server.

one day, last week, i decided to update my reverse zone and discovered that it was going to be a hassle. so i created this script:



scheduling yum

i was going to write about how to use cron. but just by luck, i found this link, which does a very good introductory job.

vmware on fc6

i couldn't run vmware on my fc6 machines after fc6 appeared. so a little research on google solved my problem:

Where's my bill?

i know quite a lot of people who use to get their phone bills every three months. I use it. When I do. I use it to get the phone bills for myself and my relatives and my in-laws. So, about 6 months ago, when I got a blank page as a result. It pissed me off but I said to myself, "It's broken and they are going to fix it soon"

the screening process

i use gnu screen extensively these days.

every work day, i ssh into my home pc and use irssi to log on to irc. i may also want to do other things like check my personal mail or my downloads. screen allows me to do that.

Fedora Core 6 - my trials and tribulations with fc6

I am writing this as I move along with my tests and trials with fc6.

So last nite, finally, the torrents (i386 and x86_64) finished downloading with my generous friend's (Aly!) dsl. And then, he came over and we watched while I upgraded my laptop.

The format of this story will be in the comments as it happens.

Fedora Core - system-config-controlpanel

I was with my brother this afternoon, and he told me the main reason he disliked Fedora Core was the absence of a central system control panel. So, I hacked this bash script to gather to give a GUI to all the system-config-* tools out there.

Remember, this took me 2 hours to learn about zenity AND kdialog AND code, so it's a bit of a hack <cough> a lot </cough>

Without further ado, I present to you, system-config-controlpanel:

The X Factor

WARNING!: The geek factor here is extremely high.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way. I had always wondered how Linux installers inserted the cd tray whenever I hit enter for the change of media. I always believed it was an obscure program that only a few knew about. Then I discovered the secret.

Mounting iso files

There was a time where I was mounting iso files and copying its contents to another folder. I was doing it quite a bit and got pretty tired of doing so by the third time or so. My solution was to write a shell script to mount the iso file.


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