Fedora 7 on hp pavilion dv4000 (dv4282ea)

its that time of year again. a fresh dvd of fedora 7, the 32 bit has been cooked and installed on my (corporate owned) hp pavilion dv4282ea.

poor microsoft

i felt sooo sorry for microsoft when i discovered this site belongs to them. its flash. i know you are going to say stop there. i cant. i have to explain.

important everyday unix commands


Sometimes, it hurts so bad, I laugh.

Several years ago, I was a security officer, ie. I was in charge of security of the server and workstations at my place of work. It was like the first year that IT security became a big deal. One of my first tasks was to install a corporate antivirus on all servers and workstations. It was a big deal coz we had something like 200 or 300 workstations alone scattered all over the place. Every week i would find another 2 or 3 workstations either hooked up to the network or not.

ssh passwordless login

every once in a while i have to set up a couple of servers (or more) to communicate with each other via ssh. but the problem is that the scripts need to be run on the remote server. the script would of course stop to ask me for the password. the solution is something some people call user equivalence or some just call it passwordless ssh login. in any case, here is the process:

System Administrator's Job Description

sometimes, i feel like in a pocket of posix independent of others pockets or groups. isolated even. that there is something big missing from my posix experience. and i m not talking about linux.

so today, i decided to find out what exactly is a system administrator, and behold!, i found out (yet again!) "Google is your friend"(tm).

Google Summer of Code 2007 Launched

Well now. Google has launched it 3rd Summer of Code (Soc) event. For those of you who don't know what SoC is about, read on.

SoC is where Google sponsors coders who meet these 2 criteria:

a) a student

b) over 18 years old

to work on OPEN SOURCE projects who have volunteered to mentor these students. These participating organisations will provide a mentor to each student to work on an idea. The idea itself could be from the student or from the TODO list from that project.

make reverse zone shell script

i have an internal dns for my vlan at work. its a caching server as well as a resolving server.

one day, last week, i decided to update my reverse zone and discovered that it was going to be a hassle. so i created this script:



scheduling yum

i was going to write about how to use cron. but just by luck, i found this link, which does a very good introductory job.

vmware on fc6

i couldn't run vmware on my fc6 machines after fc6 appeared. so a little research on google solved my problem:


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