Virtual Reality

A few weeks back, I was asked if AIX supported virtual ips; that is if a network card could have more than 1 ip.

And naturally, I said yes of course.

Current Level 3 Manager

The Current Level 3 Manager is a shell script that helps the system administrator to set up current and manage it.

But what is current? current is an up2date rhn server clone. so with currentl3 it will set up the database, the ssl certificate, install dependencies, and configure clients to use the current server.

Now is the time for all good men

On Thursday 21st of September, 2006, the Government of Egypt (GOE) decreed that Daylight Savings Time (DST) will end 1 week early and that the time change will occur at midnite of that day.

A happy MISconfiguration

Two different pages for supposedly the same site: and

but there is a dns misconfiguration that happily shows us what web server is running and on what operating system.

Case the joint

I have no idea where I found this little script but note the use of the case function on line 7. It is no real eye opener but it is an intelligent and fast method of parsing the command line options of the script.

The final cut

So then, I had to rename this temp file that was in the format "filename.extension.TMP" to its original filename.

This was a solution for "cut":

newname=`echo $name| cut -f1,2 -d "."`
mv $name $newname

The parameter -f specifies that I want to use the first and second fields of the variable $name.

The parameter -d specified the delimiter to be "."; a period

And voila!


Just for your information, this script was intended for use as a batch renaming of files.

What's this about then?

My name is Mohammed Arafa.

I am an AIX/Linux System Administrator. This is where I post stuff about POSIX.
You are also welcome to post stories and comments. I also have a forum for you to use.



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