linux based network troubleshooting tools

so you need to trouble shoot some network issues on your linux box. i have listed some tools, a good starter list of the more famous tools. most but not all may also be used to configure settings. in this article we are identifying troubleshooting tools

decision time: pets vs cattle

its decision time. are your servers pets or cattle ?

pets are servers that you take care of your infrastructure eg. freeipa or dns. cattle are servers like web app servers. cattle are easily replacable

how to: set up a centos server for drupal

i am currently setting up a dedicated centos server for drupal testing.  what follows are my notes

pls excuse the untidiness. the idea here being copy and pasting into your server's konsole


first of all you got to make sure the hostname is configured right. use FQDN and that it resolves either by dns or statically via /etc/hosts file

fedora easy karma

when you have fedora update-testing repo enable give karma to the packager using your FAS account

how to set up a transmissionbt server

there are several way to download linux ISOs from the net. traditionally it has been through the http(s) protocol or the ftp protocol. but recently several linux distros have begun to use bit torrent protocol. bit torrent allows the end user aka bt client to download from several points at once in a multi threaded manner and therefore it is much faster. an example site is linuxtracker

how to install xbmc aka kodi IPTV Simple client dvr

watch live tv in xbmc/kodi (free Over The Air aka OTA channels)

first of all here is the link to the source

second, on fedora all you have to do is

yum -y install xbmc-pvr-iptvsimple   

on fedora 21 this will redirect and install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple

then continue with the setup

bash cheat sheet - moving the cursor

if you are here, that means you already know some basic bash tricks.

like tab for auto-completion and the up and down keys to view previous commands in the bash history. i have collected from the internet some other key combinations

Moving the cursor:

multiuser screen aka sharing screen

screen is a screen manager. in years past if you had a long running job and it ws time for you to go home, you would start the job then throw it into the background and monitor the job via ps or log output or however you set up your job.

then came along screen

if you started a long running job at work and had to go home, you could resume your session and provide input to prompts if the job requested it. the other advantage of running a remote task or job in screen, is if your ISP suddenly decided to drop your connection, the job or task would continue uninterrupted

How To Upgrade From Fedora 20 To Fedora 21 (Desktop & Server)

Fedora 21 has changed things around a bit. there are now personalities; server, workstation, cloud. we got to take this into consideration when we do the upgrade
the first step is to update your installation

yum -y update

next, install the fedora upgrader

yum -y install fedup

and then checking the usage we get

Selling an all in one openstack cloud box on ebay

hello everyone

I am selling an all in one cloud box on ebay. the buy it now price is $1,499, but the bidding starts at $699 which means you could get it cheaper than the buy it now price

this is the link


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