How To Upgrade From Fedora 15 To Fedora 16 (Desktop & Server)

my last article on using preupgrade proved popular enough that i am doing a repeat:here is the link

howto: spacewalk server configuration refresh

i have recently begun to experiment with spacewalk. and when i experiment i like to build then tear down to rebuild again and again. so i went off on an exploratory trip and brought back some results

to do a proper cleanup, issue the following commands:

link: How to disable SSH host key checking

this link is too good to ignore. so i am adding it here for me and for you. it basically describes how to bypass the yes/no prompt when you encounter an new host. the link is at linuxcommando

howto: ddclient setup

ddclient is a command line daemon that was written expressly for dynamic dns services. dynamic dns is basically is a site that allows you to manually update your dns entry whenever you need to. it does this by setting a low ttl (time to live) for your dns entry and so dns clients cache your dns record for short periods of time.

howto: disabling firefox work offline mode

suddenly, my wife's account would always start firefox in offline mode. and no matter what i did i was not able to fix it. that is until i discovered a hidden switch. i was looking for the toolkit.networkmanager but i wrote offline instead and i found this:


and i set it to false and voila it worked

link: configuring synaptics using hal

ah my laptop's touchpad finally has double tap and scrolling enabled. all thanks to this link:

howto: automated oracle install

first of all, the end result is a script and your mileage may vary and no warranty exists that it wont break your system.

secondly, the script is meant only as a guideline even though it is a script. it works for me (tm)

finally, this will install the software without any database


howto: log tcp_wrappers

back in april 2010 when i was studying for my RHCE i had a hard time deducing what tcp wrappers was letting through and what it was denying. so some research here and there showed there was a way to log tcp_wrappers. what i found was the deny bit and although i havent tried it, since i had no reason to, i am assuming a similar method is also available for the allow bit.

howto: fedora 15 disabling packagekit

in a previous article i wrote about how to remove packagekit from your system. unfortunately, package kit has now become so ingrained into gnome and kde that it is no longer a simple matter of yum remove packagekit.

mounting an encrypted disk with lvm

i got myself a new laptop, a lenovo t420, a while back. it works with fedora 15. however, to keep costs down i purchased it with a 5400rpm disk and would use an old disk i had a smaller 7200rpm disk.

so now i needed to clone the disk

a straight dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb cant work because of the smaller size. the solution was to use virt-manager and create a vm that used /dev/sdb as its storage. then install fedora 15 on that.


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