howto: disabling firefox work offline mode

suddenly, my wife's account would always start firefox in offline mode. and no matter what i did i was not able to fix it. that is until i discovered a hidden switch. i was looking for the toolkit.networkmanager but i wrote offline instead and i found this:


and i set it to false and voila it worked

link: configuring synaptics using hal

ah my laptop's touchpad finally has double tap and scrolling enabled. all thanks to this link:

howto: automated oracle install

first of all, the end result is a script and your mileage may vary and no warranty exists that it wont break your system.

secondly, the script is meant only as a guideline even though it is a script. it works for me (tm)

finally, this will install the software without any database


howto: log tcp_wrappers

back in april 2010 when i was studying for my RHCE i had a hard time deducing what tcp wrappers was letting through and what it was denying. so some research here and there showed there was a way to log tcp_wrappers. what i found was the deny bit and although i havent tried it, since i had no reason to, i am assuming a similar method is also available for the allow bit.

howto: fedora 15 disabling packagekit

in a previous article i wrote about how to remove packagekit from your system. unfortunately, package kit has now become so ingrained into gnome and kde that it is no longer a simple matter of yum remove packagekit.

mounting an encrypted disk with lvm

i got myself a new laptop, a lenovo t420, a while back. it works with fedora 15. however, to keep costs down i purchased it with a 5400rpm disk and would use an old disk i had a smaller 7200rpm disk.

so now i needed to clone the disk

a straight dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb cant work because of the smaller size. the solution was to use virt-manager and create a vm that used /dev/sdb as its storage. then install fedora 15 on that.

howto yum upgrade fedora 14 to fedora 15

<edited 29May2011>

so fedora 15 is out. and we want to upgrade to the latest and greatest. i decided to follow this but i came across some problems.

just a hint that when you upgrade you may need to babysit in through as gnome stuff might stop the upgrade

systemd resources

tomorrow the 23rd of May 2011, fedora 15 will be made available to the general public. the biggest change for me is the replacement of sysv init system and/or upstart with systemd.i am going to put the basic of systemd here however at the end of this article is a list of resources for further reading which i urge to do so.

howto lock the cdrom

any geek with kids is going to understand when there are times the geek wants to keep the cdrom in the drive and not popping in and out and in and out and how to lock the cdrom or dvdrom drive in? well this link tells you to use eject but to spare you the time and to replicate the knowledge on the net, it is:


sshfs is a fuse filesystem. using the same idea as nfs, it allows you to mount remote filesystems over ssh.

to mount the directory

sshfs /local/mount/dir

and to unmount the directory

fusermount -u /local/mount/dir

and thats it


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