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disable application preview in the kde task bar

this one was bugging me for quite a while. i searched for it in my kde system settings / control panel and couldnt find it. i finally decided to move myself and research a bit and voila! it is solved!first of all, what am i talking about? its when you hover your mouse cursor over the application's name in the task bar. when you do that you get a live preview of the application. and when i say live, i do mean live, if you are watching a video or an animation, the preview will update in real time.

it will also take a few seconds to close once you move your mouse cursor away.

so the solution is quite simple. right click on the TASK BAR. select Task Manager Settings. Right there in General, you will find that "Show tooltips" is enabled. You got it. Disable it. So its basically a misnamed feature which made it hard to find.

if i have helped you remove an irritation, let me know in the comments