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howto: convert vcd format to mpg

for whatever reason, backups, conversion from one format to another, new dvd camera, standardising your media library etc, you might need this handy little utility which is surprisingly easy to use. it converts the contents of a vcd to mgp among other handy functions

the utility is called  cdxa2mpeg and it comes packages in fedora in vcdimager

and you use like so:

1. mount your VCD or iso

mount -o loop $1 /mnt/iso

2. convert from DAT format to MPG

for i in `ls /mnt/iso/MPEGAV`
        cdxa2mpeg -v /mnt/iso/MPEGAV/$i /home/marafa/uploads/2012/$i.mpg

3. put them all together into 1 big file

cat AVSEQ01.DAT.mpg AVSEQ02.DAT.mpg AVSEQ03.DAT.mpg AVSEQ04.DAT.mpg > big_file.mpg

4. watch!

smplayer big_file.mpg