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howto: ddclient setup

ddclient is a command line daemon that was written expressly for dynamic dns services. dynamic dns is basically is a site that allows you to manually update your dns entry whenever you need to. it does this by setting a low ttl (time to live) for your dns entry and so dns clients cache your dns record for short periods of time.
the site i use is DynDNS. it used to allow unlimited number of dyndns records and had a wide variety of domains to select from, but now it only allow 2 records and the available domains have dyndns in them is some form or other.

the advantages of using dyndns is no matter where you are on the internet, you dont need to memorise a dynamic ip that changes on you unknowingly and your favourite service on your pc is available via an easy to remember domain name.

of course you got to configure your modem/router to forward all requests to your internal ip.

ddclient is an automatic updater that checks your ip and refreshes your entry with if it finds your ip is different than the one in the dns record. it is available in the fedora repos.

there are only 6 lines you will need to modify to make ddclient work correctly.

<your dyndns FQDN here>

and of course

chkconfig ddclient on

thats about it, except to mention at the time of this writing there is a bug in fedora with systemd