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howto: fedora 15 disabling packagekit

in a previous article i wrote about how to remove packagekit from your system. unfortunately, package kit has now become so ingrained into gnome and kde that it is no longer a simple matter of yum remove packagekit.

however, i did discover how to disable it system wide, in one shot. this method of course is not the optimum because it leaves cruft of unused libraries and packages lying around on your system. but unless the developers and or packagers decide against this holistic integration of packagekit, this is the only method left

but first some background. what you see in gnome or kde is actually the front end to a service or daemon called packagkitd. this service does _not_ have a service file that you can find in /etc/init.d . while digging around i read somewhere that it depends on hal but did not ascertain this for sure as i discovered the method for disabling the daemon.

in short

sed -i 's/\[Daemon\]/#\[Daemon\]/' /etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf

i do wonder where packagekit is going and what it will look like in RHEL. i did not see it in RHEL6 and do not know which direction it will go


i am sad to report that this method will not disallow PackageKit from running if it is called by an external application.

today, i discovered a pk icon application in my task bar and i do not have any idea what called it. maybe amarok via gstreamer?

still it is the lesser of two evils.

the program is called "apper" and it can be erased. depending on your system it might have a dependency or two.

this bugzilla comment says you can remove PackageKit-yum-plugin as an alternative to the above. i have not tried it. i found it and recorded it here for others like you